I can’t afford to wait.

Woman reading newspaper waiting for train to arrive.
Woman reading newspaper waiting for train to arrive.

I have 7665 days left on this planet, according to my life expectancy calculator. So there is a good reason why I can’t afford to wait for some distant day in the future to start living my life and acting on my dreams.

You can make your own calculation of how much time you have to get your sh*t together.

Thank God my vices are minimal, and I live in Canada — among the top countries for life expectancy — topping the United States by a few years — but I still won’t allow for any complacency.

So I’m letting…

6 tips to avoid a faux pas

Restaurants are opening up in my part of the world after an eternity of takeout. As I walk down the street, in my pandemic uniform of sweats and a tee-shirt, I see people dining out after a long hiatus.

Brave souls, I think to myself. I wonder if they experienced any reopening anxiety? Was it easy to return to dining out after so many months of eating at home?

I also visualize a few awkward scenarios playing out in restaurants.

  • Your boss, who bears a close resemblance to and is just as intimidating as Miranda Priestly, the Meryl Streep character…

The art and craft of getting the attention you deserve

Ask a journalist how many press releases hit their desk every day. Plenty. And then ask them which ones get their attention.

Writing a press release is both an art and a craft.

A good public relations person who knows the tricks is worth every penny they charge. But maybe you can’t afford a PR agency. Or if you can, how do you know they’ve done a good job?

I’m a former public relations consultant and now editor. Here’s how to write a press release that will get you, your company or your project the attention it deserves.

What is a press release?

A press…

After interviewing hundreds of candidates, here are 5 ways to stand out

You have just spotted a posting for your dream job. How do you rise above the two dozen candidates that will probably apply? And how will you get your foot in the door when you are a little short of relevant job experience or lacking some of the skills required?

Perseverance. Determination.

Don’t roll your eyes just yet and say, “Yeah, yeah I know that.”

I’m going to tell you how you show a prospective employer you have what it takes.

Over the years in my entrepreneurial career, I’ve had the opportunity to interview hundreds of candidates for positions in…

Motherhood was not what I expected.

Mother and baby
Mother and baby

“Tell me about when I was born.”

I always start with once upon a time, the phone rang super loud in the middle of the night and woke us from a deep sleep, and we got the news that you were born. We were so excited.

Then, I tell him what it was like meeting him for the first time and describe his strawberry blonde thatch of hair. I tell him it was love at first sight — even though it took a full 24 hours to fall in love — and how I couldn’t have babies, and so we…

Sparking joy and finding my purpose

When Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, came out in 2014, I read two or three chapters and put it aside. It wasn’t for me.

I am sure you have heard of Marie Kondo. Her book was on the New York Times bestseller list for almost two years, and millions of people love her life-transforming decluttering and organizing method. She also has a second book, a Netflix show called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and has just announced a new show called Spark Joy.

She advises you to sort all your possessions by category, in a particular…

Is it true the longer you live, the more beautiful life becomes?

I am a woman of a certain age. That much I will reveal. It feels like yesterday I thought 30 was old. And all of a sudden, the cashier at the grocery store assumes — correctly — I am eligible for their senior discount for home delivery.

I walk to the grocery store — 40 minutes each way to get my exercise in — and you’re damn right I take advantage of the free delivery. I am happy to give the delivery man a big fat tip when he drops the bags at my door.

This got me thinking about…


But I still have the memories

It is a known fact that a song or piece of music can bring back memories. Many years later, when you listen to a song you loved in high school, you can be instantly transported back to that time — the good and the not-so-good times.

The same thing happens every time I walk into my closet. An item hanging there transports me back to another time — a first date, when my children were babies, a promotion at work, or the loss of a loved one. The loves, losses and joys of my life are in my closet.


Join us for a free session and never be puzzled again

My crow’s feet were well established when I started publishing my stories on Medium. I found Medium to be fairly intuitive, but a vast platform that definitely takes several weeks, in the beginning, to figure out how to navigate your way around.

Whatever age you are or stage of writing you are at, I know how daunting it feels when you first start and my writing group would like to help you figure out what end is up and where to start.

If you have recently started writing or you’re thinking about writing, please join me and the three other…

What you need to know including how much it will cost

Reading glasses on book.
Reading glasses on book.

You think about your book every day, all night, and each time you take a shower. Now — as you near its completion — you are wondering if you need a book editor.

The simple answer is yes.

They will help you write the best possible book. An editor is the objective, critical voice that will tell you what is missing, what’s wrong, what doesn’t work, and what needs to be taken out or reworked. A good editor will also tell you what works well, which is a confidence booster.

Settle back. I am an editor and I’m here to…

Alice Goldbloom

Woman of a certain age. On a good day I am 12 feet tall. www.thewritebusiness.ca

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